Yoga Fundamentals - 14 Days

Yoga Fundamentals - 14 Days

Want to learn the fundamentals of Yoga? Look no further!

This course is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of yoga and help you establish a short but effective morning routine to kickstart your day. Each session in this course is designed to be completed in about 10 minutes, making it accessible and manageable for beginners. Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is a holistic practice that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit. By dedicating just a few minutes each morning to this practice, you'll discover the incredible benefits that yoga can bring to your overall well-being.

The benefits of yoga are vast and encompass various aspects of your life: Physically, yoga improves flexibility, strength, and balance. It enhances your posture and helps alleviate common aches and pains. Through mindful movements and controlled breathing, yoga also promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels. Mentally, it increases self-awareness, improves focus, and cultivates a sense of inner peace. Additionally, yoga can have a profound impact on your emotional and spiritual well-being, fostering a sense of gratitude, compassion, and connectedness.

Yoga has the power to change your life because it goes beyond the physical aspect: It is a practice that encourages self-reflection, self-acceptance, and self-care. As you delve deeper into your yoga journey, you'll start to notice positive shifts in your mindset and how you relate to yourself and others. Yoga provides a sanctuary where you can find solace, release negative energy, and cultivate a positive outlook on life. It teaches you to embrace the present moment, let go of expectations, and embrace the beauty of imperfection. With regular practice, yoga becomes a powerful tool for self-transformation and personal growth.

At the end of this course, you will have gained a solid foundation in yoga and established a short but effective morning routine: You will have learned various yoga sequences and poses that target different areas of the body and address specific needs. Throughout the 14 days, you'll develop an understanding of proper alignment, breathing techniques, and the flow of movements. You'll also explore different aspects of yoga, such as balancing, core strength, hip and shoulder opening, and even arm balancing poses. By the end of the course, you'll have the tools and knowledge to continue your yoga practice independently and tailor it to your unique needs and preferences.

The key to reaping the benefits of yoga is consistency and patience: Approach each day with an open mind and a gentle curiosity. Allow yourself to embrace the journey and let the practice unfold naturally. So, roll out your mat, find a quiet space, and get ready to discover the transformative power of yoga. Your 10 minutes each morning will become a sacred time for self-care, self-discovery, and personal growth. Get ready to embrace the joy, peace, and balance that yoga can bring to your life!

Here's a summary of what you'll be practicing each day:

Day 1: Gentle Flow
We'll start with a gentle flow to ease you into the practice, focusing on gentle movements and stretching to awaken your body and mind.

Day 2: Sun Salutation A
Learn the classic Sun Salutation A sequence, a dynamic series of poses that energize and warm up your entire body.

Day 3: Warrior Flow
Discover your inner strength with the Warrior Flow, a sequence that incorporates warrior poses to build stability and confidence.

Day 4: Core Strength
Engage your core muscles with specific exercises and poses that target your abdominal area, helping to improve stability and posture.

Day 5: Balancing Flow
Explore a series of balancing poses that challenge your stability, focus, and coordination while enhancing your overall body awareness.

Day 6: Chair Flow
Experience a chair flow sequence that can be easily done while seated, incorporating gentle movements to stretch and awaken your body.

Day 7: Restorative Yoga
Indulge in a restorative yoga practice, where you'll relax and restore your body using supported poses, props, and deep breathing techniques.

Day 8: Sun Salutation B
Expand your Sun Salutation repertoire with Sun Salutation B, a variation that adds more strengthening and lengthening elements to your practice.

Day 9: Hip Opening Flow
Release tension and increase flexibility in your hips through a flow sequence that focuses on opening and stretching this area of the body.

Day 10: Shoulder Opening Flow
Discover poses and movements that target your shoulders and upper body, relieving tension and promoting better posture.

Day 11: Core Strength
Continue strengthening your core with a variety of exercises and poses that challenge and engage your abdominal muscles.

Day 12: Twisting Flow
Explore a flow sequence that incorporates twisting poses, offering benefits such as improved digestion, detoxification, and spinal mobility.

Day 13: Back Bends
These empowering postures, such as Sphinx Pose and Camel Pose, serve as gateways to unlock the radiant energy within your heart space.

Day 14: Meditation and Relaxation
Wrap up the course with a guided meditation and relaxation session, allowing you to find peace, clarity, and deep relaxation after your yoga journey.

Yoga Fundamentals - 14 Days
  • Day 1: Gentle Flow - Moving Slow

    On Day 1 we focus on gentle movements to awaken the body and breath, such as cat-cow and gentle twists.

    Slowly awakening the energy in our bodies and getting familiar with some of the foundational postures in yoga.

    We practice setting an intention for the day and focus on the breath to center...

  • Day 2: Sunrise Salutations - Surya Namaskar A

    Welcome to Day 2 of our invigorating 14-day morning yoga program, where we're stepping it up a notch with the timeless and foundational practice of Sun Salutation A, also known as Surya Namaskar A. This powerful sequence is celebrated for its numerous benefits, and today, we'll dive into the tran...

  • Day 3: Warrior Flow - Empower Your Inner Warrior

    Welcome to Day 3 of our empowering 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we invite you to unleash your inner warrior as we explore a sequence of Warrior poses designed to build strength, focus, and resilience. This practice will not only engage your body but also cultivate mindfulness through consc...

  • Day 4: Core Strength - The Power Within

    Welcome to Day 4 of our invigorating 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we turn our focus inward to harness the incredible power of your core. Through exercises like Boat pose and Plank, you'll embark on a journey to build a strong and resilient core that not only benefits your yoga practice but...

  • Day 5: Find Your Balance - The Art of Harmony

    Welcome to Day 5 of our rejuvenating 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we embark on a journey to find harmony within as we explore balancing postures like Tree pose and Warrior III. These poses not only enhance your physical balance but also sharpen your focus and concentration. You'll discover...

  • Day 6: Chair Flow - Strong Legs

    Welcome to Day 6 of our empowering 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we'll delve into a sequence of Chair poses designed to fortify your legs and lower body. These poses are not only excellent for building strength but also for fostering stamina and unwavering focus. As always, your breath will...

  • Day 7: Restorative Yoga - The Art of Deep Relaxation

    Welcome to Day 7 of our transformative 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we invite you to experience the profound benefits of Restorative Yoga, a practice designed to release tension and promote deep relaxation. Through gentle poses like Child's Pose and Pigeon Pose, you'll learn to harness the...

  • Day 8: Sun Salutation B - Ignite Your Inner Radiance

    Welcome to Day 8 of our empowering 14-day morning yoga program! Today, we embark on an exhilarating journey through the timeless Sun Salutation B sequence. This dynamic practice is designed to stoke the fires of your energy, building heat throughout your body. As you flow through these empowering...

  • Day 9: Hip Opening Flow - Embrace Freedom in Motion

    Welcome to Day 9 of our enriching 14-day morning yoga journey! Today, we delve into the liberating world of hip-opening postures. These poses, including Warrior II and Garland pose, offer a pathway to release tension nestled within your hips and lower back. By cultivating a profound sense of brea...

  • Day 10: Shoulder Opening Flow - Let go of Tension

    Welcome to Day 10 of our invigorating 14-day morning yoga expedition! Today, we invite you to delve into a captivating sequence of postures carefully curated to unlock the potential of your shoulders and upper back. With the gentle guidance of poses like Eagle pose and Cow Face pose, you'll relea...

  • Day 11: Power Core - Building a Solid Foundation

    Welcome to Day 11 of our 14-day morning yoga program for beginners! Today is all about taking your core strength to the next level and building a solid foundation for a healthier, more vibrant you. We'll dive deeper into core-centric yoga poses like Boat pose and Plank, and you'll learn to master...

  • Day 12: Twisting Flow - Revitalize Your Core

    Welcome to Day 12 of our transformative 14-day morning yoga voyage! Today, we dive into the exhilarating world of twisting postures, such as Revolved Triangle and Twisted Chair. These poses serve as your allies in improving digestion and bidding adieu to tension that may have nestled within your ...

  • Day 13: Back Bends - Heart Opening Poses

    Welcome to Day 13 of our 14-day morning yoga journey! Today, we invite you to dive into the transformative world of back bends and heart-opening poses. These liberating postures, including Cat/Cow, Camel Pose, and Fish Pose, are your keys to unlock the radiant energy residing within your heart. T...

  • Day 14: Reflective Movement - Yin Yoga

    Congratulations on reaching Day 14, the culmination of our 14-day morning yoga journey! Today, we invite you to embark on a yin yoga class, a serene practice that provides a space for deep reflection, relaxation, and the integration of all the benefits you've gained throughout this course.

    What ...